Tarquin Lanfeust



Born in 1967, Didier Tarquin lived in Algeria for ten years before he moved to France, where he became familiar with comics. After studying fine arts for a short while, Tarquin decided to devote himself completely to comics. His first comic was 'Les Maléfices d'Orient' (1990, Soleil). 'Les Maléfices d'Orient'. After a year interrupted by military service, Tarquin illustrated 'Röq'.

While working for a comic studio, he teamed up with Scotch Arleston, with whom he created the successful series 'Lanfeust de Troy'. In 1996, he started writing scenarios for Serge Fino, which resulted in the series 'Ailes de Phaëton'.


  • Les Maléfices d'orient
  • Röq
  • Lanfeust de Troy
  • Lanfeust des Etoiles
  • Gnomes de Troy
  • Lanfeust Odyssey