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André Juillard (born 9 June 1948) is a French comic book creator. André Juillard is one of the most productive artists of historical comics in France. Born in Paris, Juillard started his career in 1974 in the magazine Formule 1, drawing the western story 'La Longue Piste de Loup Gris'. He then did an adaptation of 'Roméo et Juliette' in Djin. In 1976, he started his first long series, about the knight 'Bohémond de Saint-Gilles', with scripts by Claude Verrien in Formule 1. At the same time, he began 'Isabelle Fantouri' with writer Josselin in Djin (1976-80). In the same magazine, he began 'Les Cathares' with Convard in 1978.

He produced several short stories for Djin, Fripounet, Joker, Historiques, and Okapi, as well as 'Sens Dessus Dessours' in Pif Gadget, based on the oeuvre of Jules Verne. Also for Pif Gadget, he made 'Masquerouge' in cooperation with Patrick Cothias and some stories with Jean Ollivier. In 1982, he began the more adult 'Les Sept Vies de l'Épervier', his most famous series, again together with Cothias in Circus and later Vécu. For the same magazines, he began 'Arno' together with Jacques Martin in 1983. From 1984, he was also a regular contributor of comic adaptations of novels for Je Bouquine.

Besides his many series, Juillard is also the author of several independent stories, such as 'Deux Mille Ans d'Histoire de Loiret', 'Deux Mille Ans d'Histoire de Calvados', 'Le Secret de la Cathédrale', 'Cheminot', 'Le Tonkinois' and 'La Vallée des Hommes Perdus'. He is also a versatile illustrator of book covers, postcards and posters. In 1993, he began his contemporary comic 'Le Cahier Bleu', for which he did both scenario and artwork.

In 1995, he began yet another historical comic with Patrick Cothias, 'Plume aux Vents' at Dargaud. From 2000, he is one of the artists that revived Edgar Pierre Jacobs's classic 'Blake & Mortimer' series, creating new stories together with writer Yves Sente.



  • Bohémond de Saint Gilles (1979–1983)
  1. Les chevaliers du désert
  2. Sortilèges à Malte
  3. Duel en Sicile
  4. L'or des croisés
  • Cheminot (1982)
  • Les Cathares (1982)
  • Arno (1983–1997)
  1. Le pique rouge
  2. L'oeil de Kéops
  3. Le puits nubien
  4. 18 Brumaire
  5. L'ogresse
  6. Chesapeake
Le maître des oiseaux, cover of 5th issue of the Les 7 vies de l'épervier series.
  • Les Sept vies de l'Epervier (1983–1991)
  1. La blanche morte
  2. Le temps des chiens
  3. L'arbre de mai
  4. Hyronimus
  5. Le maître des oiseaux
  6. La part du diable
  7. La marque du Condor
  • Chasseurs d'or (1987)
  • Masquerouge (1988–2004)
  • Le Cahier bleu (1994)
  • Plume aux vents (1995–2002)
  1. La folle et l'assassin
  2. L'oiseau-tonnerre
  3. Beau-Ténébreux
  4. Ni Dieu ni diable
  • Après la pluie (1998)


  • 1995: Award for Best Comic Book at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, France
  • 1996: Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême, France
  • 1997: nominated for Best Cover at the Haxtur Awards, Spain
  • 2000: Best Short Comic Strip at the Haxtur Awards
- nomination for the Harvey Award for Best American Edition of Foreign Material, U.S.
  • 2006: nominated for the Grand Prix Saint-Michel, Belgium
  • 2007: nominated for the Grand Prix Saint-Michel, Belgium